What Others are Saying

“… a consummate professional, excellent communicator…”

Vanessa Glover is a consummate professional, excellent communicator, and well-respected and admired motivator. No matter where she is in the workflow, she brings knowledge, expertise, and forward thinking. She is constantly looking at ways to make the process better, exceed expectations in her own direct contributions, and deliver the end-product on time and to the highest quality. She does all of this with a positive attitude and inherent team spirit that makes her easy to work with.

Denise Fischer

Information Development Manager, NXP Semiconductors Austin, Texas

“…broad range of abilities that make her an invaluable asset to any organization…”

Vanessa is a visionary who is very skilled at planning and implementing sweeping changes in workflow, and getting the right level of buy-in from leaders and individual contributors alike. She is also incredibly dedicated and can always be counted on to do what needs to be done, often volunteering to jump into the details whilst keeping a keen eye on the bigger picture and the top priorities. Vanessa has a broad range of abilities that make her an invaluable asset to any organization. Vanessa is very articulate, and her strong communication skills have influenced her ability to quickly earn the respect of all of her co-workers. She has frequently represented the interests of the entire Freescale documentation community in high profile and controversial circumstances with an impressive ease and has received praise and notice from the CEO and the entire executive team.

Clara Serrano

Information Development Manager, NXP Semiconductors (Retired) Austin, Texas

“…knowledgeable, intelligent, and compassionate, [and] challenging in a constructive way…”

Vanessa is knowledgeable, intelligent, and compassionate, as well as challenging in a constructive way. I can truly say that I am a better information developer and a better business analyst because of her influence, support, and encouragement over the past five years.

Mike Austin

Content Information Architect, NXP Semiconductors Austin, Texas

“…always balancing high-level goals with the concerns of relentless schedules…”

Vanessa… not only took steps to revolutionize the way our company and our team presented technical documentation to customers, […] she was constantly pushing us towards getting better information to the customer, faster. Vanessa worked across so many teams with diverse stakeholders, always balancing high-level goals with the concerns of relentless schedules. I admire her ability to take control and herd so many cats, so to speak. And I can never express enough gratitude for her support at work and beyond.

Joanna Bettelheim

Alumni Relations Coordinator, Sarah Lawrence College Yonkers, New York

“…wonderful sense of humor, eagerly and persistently faces challenges…”

Vanessa is a joyful spirit full of humanity with a wonderful sense of humor. She eagerly and persistently faces challenges, is a terrific communicator, loves people, and has great energy.

Mark Nixon

Applications Engineering Writer/Content Information Architect NXP Semiconductors, Dallas, Texas

“…has vision and understands how to break down tasks into actionable steps…”

Vanessa Glover and I worked together for almost 20 years; for 8 of those she was my manager. I’ve always found Vanessa to be a joy to work with. She has a good sense of humor, but is always very polished and professional. Her hallmark is fairness. She isn’t confrontational, but she doesn’t shy away from confrontation if someone else instigates it. Vanessa has vision and understands how to break down tasks into actionable steps to achieve her vision.

Vanessa is a very solid writer and editor. She works well with her subject matter experts, building relationships with them for maximum productivity.

I recommend Vanessa for any work, as an individual contributor or as a manager, without hesitation.

Molly Gray

Staff technical writer, Cypress Semiconductor Austin, TX

“…gracious, supportive, knowledgeable, and hardworking…”

Vanessa is gracious, supportive, knowledgeable, and hardworking. I am certain that she will continue to excel at any job she undertakes

Noreen McMahan

SDL Operations Manager, NXP Semiconductors Austin, Texas

“… bright, efficient, and personable…”

Vanessa is one of the best people I’ve worked with in a long career. She is bright, efficient, and personable. Her writing skills are of the highest quality, and her ability to balance multiple ongoing projects always impressed me. In our field, constantly learning new software skills is one of the most important traits to have, and she does that perfectly. Anyone who hires her will be glad they did.

Stephen Holcombe

Information Developer/Sr. Technical Editor, NXP Semiconductors Austin, Texas

“…artful research and thoughtful innovation, marries ideas to results…”

Where do I begin? It was my great professional fortune to have met and worked for Vanessa Glover. As my manager, she demonstrated a deep, abundant capacity for crystallizing broad-spectrum analytics and modeled uncommon depth of character. Her strength and wisdom brought calm and balance to so many difficult challenges, both human and situational. I learned so much under her guidance. But I happily confess that what I know of her did not end there because what followed, the grace and trust of her friendship, has become my fondest serendipity.

Vanessa is a joyful creative. By drawing freely from her fountain of personal experience and utilizing artful research and thoughtful innovation, she marries ideas to results and brings the latent to light.

Jo Lawhn

Technical Writer/Business Analyst Sr Specialist, Cigna Austin, Texas

“…balances the pressure with grace; big-picture vision with precise in-the-trenches clarity…”

Perhaps the best word I could use for Vanessa is “balanced.” In the midst of the stresses of a global high-tech corporate culture, she deftly balances the pressure with grace. Top-down leadership with bottom-up encouragement and empowerment. Delegation with personal responsibility. Big-picture vision with precise in-the-trenches clarity. Strategic planning with tactical execution. And on and on … Over my 30-year career I’ve worked with thousands of people. Only a handful are on my “I’d work with them again in a heartbeat” list. Vanessa is one of those few.

Bob Beims

Agile Leader/Content Architect/Information Technologist Austin, Texas

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